Crowdsurfer, the global data intelligence service for crowd finance, today announces the release of its next-­generation, online intelligence dashboard, Crowdsurfer Pro.

The new version of the dashboard offers the most advanced way to analyse the crowd finance industry with on­-demand intelligence, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly.

With intelligence generated from over $30bn of crowd finance transactions across more than 900 marketplaces, Crowdsurfer Pro brings users meaningful insights into one of today’s most disruptive new industries.

Crowdsurfer Pro comprises three modules: Raise, Invest, and Track. 

The modules have been tailored to allow users to research how best to access finance, discover fresh investment opportunities or track this high­ growth market’s underlying activity.

Emily Mackay, Crowdsurfer’s CEO comments: “We’re delighted to introduce Crowdsurfer Pro to the world today. It is the most advanced tool for analysing all types of crowd finance, and those with a professional interest in the developing crowd finance industry now have an intelligence service capable of meeting their diverse needs.

Crowdsurfer Pro, is a result of direct feedback from our early users and the marketplaces themselves. I am pleased that this input is at the heart of our latest release. We look forward to more of this as our user base continues to expand and we turn our attention to building features that answer more of their questions.”

Nick Brook, Crowdsurfer’s CTO, says: “Releasing Crowdsurfer Pro is a major milestone for Crowdsurfer and our goal of solving the data challenges that the diverse, fast-growing crowd finance industry is creating. Crowdsurfer Pro distils billions of data points into usable intelligence, structured around the three most common market data uses; Raise, Invest & Track. I hope that Crowdsurfer Pro’s ease of use belies the complex data engineering infrastructure we have had to build underneath.”


Originally published on the 23rd of August 2016

Source: Crowdsurfer