Video game studio Frontier Developments PLC will launch its ‘Elite Dangerous’ title on Sony Corp’s Playstation 4 console on June 27, it said on Tuesday.

Digital preo-orders of the game will be made available from Tuesday, and from later this month in the US.

“PlayStation 4 represents a substantial additional audience for Elite Dangerous. Console players are rapidly embracing direct digital online distribution, but currently physical discs still make up a significant proportion of total videogame console software sales. We have therefore partnered with physical retail specialist ‘Sold Out’ on a disc edition for both PlayStation4 and Xbox One, which will be available simultaneously with the PlayStation4 digital release,” said Chief Operations Officer David Walsh in a statement.

Shares in Frontier Developments were down 3.2% at 396.30 pence Tuesday.

Date of Publishing: 16 May 2017

Source: Morningstar