Our business is focused on offering strategic advice, supported by direct investment from our own balance sheet.

Advisory Services

Rockspring Advisory Services offers our clients commercial advice across all stages of development. Rockspring’s current client base shows a broad portfolio of businesses ranging from a company with more than 5,000 employees, and over a billion pounds turnover, to a four person pre-revenue start-up. Our involvement with Bango plc and Ubisense plc began at ‘friends and family’ rounds, both are now listed companies on AIM. DeepMind and Silverwire were seed round clients that saw exits to Google and HP respectively within three years of incorporation. By contrast, Amino plc and Accesso plc were already UK AIM listed companies by the time we started working with them.

David brings a great deal of enthusiasm and experience, providing a valuable sounding board and source of information, which helps Audio Analytic accelerate its growth. I would highly recommend his input and the value he can bring to a company as an advisor and investor.

Dr. Chris Mitchell, Founder and CEO, Audio Analytic Limited

David brings a wealth of high-level connections from the various industries he has been involved in over the years. His business acumen, grown from first-hand experience, allows him to deliver ongoing support to the companies that he invests in, making him a value added and enthusiastic co-investor.

Jaan Tallinn, Founding Engineer of Skype

David is a fantastic advisor and angel investor to have onboard. Always on the side of the founders of a business, he has a burning passion for technology and start-ups, the highest integrity, and an excellent network of contacts.

Demis Hassabis, Founder and CEO, DeepMind Technologies Limited

There are a handful of people without whom we could not have done what we have done with Undo, and David is unquestionably one of them. He has vision that I have not seen in anyone else – an ability to see the longer-term potential and to know which problems can be overcome (sometimes with the application of a bit of money where needed!). He has made some quite bold promises in the past, but has gone on to deliver every time. David brings a perfect blend of challenging me when I need to be challenged and supporting me when I need to be supported, yet not interfering or distracting me from the day-to-day running of the business.

Dr. Greg Law, Co-founder and CEO Undo Limited

David has been a strong participant on the Accesso board. His energy, enthusiasm and insight into the modern technology market have been very valuable to us. Always able to see the bigger picture, he challenges our thinking if we tend towards the pedestrian, whilst remaining encouraging and supportive. We value him highly.

John Weston, Non-Executive Chairman, Accesso Technology Group plc

David is providing invaluable support to me and to our board as we continue to evolve the top level strategy for our Group. He brought great clarity and impetus to our discussions about the flotation of our Marshall Motor Holdings business and has also been a key member of the strategy review teams for our other operating companies, at times challenging any tendency to maintain the status quo for the sake of it.

Robert Marshall, Group Chief Executive, Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Limited


David is an invaluable asset to Frontier at a key stage in our growth and development journey. We find him both informative and challenging, just what we require in his role as Non-Executive Chairman.

Neil Armstrong, CFO, Frontier Developments plc


Angel Investments

start-ups invested in since 2002

Rockspring makes balance sheet investments in early-stage technology companies with a strong knowledge base, or IP, who have a desire to grow and disrupt an incumbent product/service. Rockspring typically invests at Angel stage and only makes long-term investments. Our investees are predominantly UK based, with two exceptions based in Estonia.

We add value to our portfolio companies because of our experience in having witnessed, at first hand, the challenges almost all companies face as they try to establish an early market for their product/service and then scale up.

Since 2002 we have invested in 33 start-ups with technologies ranging from queue management, to artificial general intelligence, to using sound in a new way to analyse an environment, to running software backwards for debugging.

We are not a fund and so we have no annual quota, no themes and no restrictions. On average we have made two new investments per annum. We look at all areas of technology but rarely deal with biotechnology, medtech or medical related companies as we do not have specific expertise in those verticals.

Rockspring Nominees Limited runs an invitation only co-investment club for Rockspring investees.

Both our clients and investees approach us for help with various tasks, these include the commercialisation of a new idea, strategic advice, finding the best source of funding, and the provision of original thinking.